Year: 2019

  • Trek Profiles: Episode 27

    Trek Profiles: Episode 27

    Oh my goodness. John Krikorian, the brilliant host of the Trek Profiles Podcast, actually invited me to participate on his show. John, I’m speechless why anyone would want to hear about me, but thank you so much! I REALLY enjoyed talking to you for what was a least 3 hours. Somehow your editing skills make…

  • Weekly Trek #61

    Weekly Trek #61

    Thrilled to have been invited to join Alex Perry for an episode of his Star Trek news podcast, Weekly Trek! We discuss the new Star Trek: Picard poster, the release of Jeff Russo’s score album for Star Trek: Discovery season 2, and lots more! Play in new window | Download

  • Star Wars: The Subversion of the Fans

    Star Wars: The Subversion of the Fans

    For this year’s “May the Fourth,” I have some thoughts on Episode VIII and the upcoming Episode IX. I grew up steeped in STAR WARS. The first film I remember seeing in the theater was RETURN OF THE JEDI. I had all the Kenner toys (at least as many as my parents would let me…