Nov. 2: Leaving Drydock


Day 2, and I’m already cheating. But I can’t have one of these cues without the other from the same season of the same show…

1. “Leaving Spacedock” by Stephen Barton

I knew going into Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard that I would be getting a lot of nostalgia on screen. What I wasn’t expecting was the same in the music. With this cue, Stephen Barton masterfully weaves his new theme for USS Titan with orchestrations that immediately call to mind the best leaving drydock sequences by both James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith. He even quotes the Genesis Theme from STAR TREK III for good measure. An absolutely glorious bit of Trek scoring that hits all the right feels.

“Leaving Spacedock” from “The Next Generation” (Star Trek: Picard) by Stephen Barton

2. “Make It So” by Frederik Wiedmann

If “Leaving Spacedock” hit all the right nostalgia feels by evoking old Trek music using new themes, this one hits even harder for me in how Frederik Wiedmann uses the classic Goldsmith TMP theme in its full glory. While it wasn’t a surprise to me (thanks, Internet), seeing the starship I grew up with on screen again was such a treat, and Wiedmann’s playing of the TMP theme in pure “kick ass” mode just drove the moment home even more.

Excerpt from “Make It So” from “Võx” (Star Trek: Picard) by Frederik Wiedmann

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