Nov. 9: Ship to Ship


“Final Flight” by Jerry Goldsmith

Yeah, I know, I know. STAR TREK: NEMESIS is…not good. What gets lost in that easy dismissal of the film is that, in one of the final scores of his career, Jerry Goldsmith delivered yet another great entry in the Star Trek franchise1One that absolutely benefits from the expanded soundtrack release from Varèse Ssrabande..

One of the disappointments of the film in a lot of circles is how it handles the death of Data, though I would certainly argue that Star Trek: Picard does a lot to rehabilitate that. What isn’t a disappointment, though, is the cue that Goldsmith wrote to accompany Data’s leap from the Enterprise to the Scimitar and the subsequent final showdown between Picard and Shinzon. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’ve always liked Goldsmith’s five-note motif for Shinzon, although I’ll admit that the best part of the cue is the very beginning with its swirling strings and heroic horns to accompany Data as he goes, well, ship to ship.

“Final Flight” by Jerry Goldsmith

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