Nov 11: To Boldly Go…


“Book Talks to 10-C/Going Home” by Jeff Russo

Few decisions in Star Trek fit the “To Boldly Go…” phrase quite like Discovery’s crew’s journey outside of the galaxy to confront the mysterious Species 10-C in Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery. Often times, our crews find themselves in strange places either by accident or by the actions of others1See: Q sending Enterprise across the galaxy in “Q Who?” or Voyager being transported to the Delta Quadrant in “Caretaker.”. In this case, this is a choice that the crew makes willingly because the survival of the galaxy, or at least Earth and Ni’Var, are at stake.

The bravery of the crew ultimately puts them in direct conversation with Species 10-C. There, Cleveland Booker (David Ajala) is able to convince them, not with threats or actions but with emotional words, to stop actions that, unbeknownst to Species 10-C, are causing great harm to the galaxy.

This decision, along with the subsequent scenes of relief back home, and finally the understanding that, in their final act with their wormhole device, Species 10-C is sending Discovery back home features some beautiful scoring by Jeff Russo, including stirring cello passages and choir2Something that is rarely featured in Trek scores.

Note: the clip below is an excerpt from the longer double-cue track. While I wouldn’t be surprised if the part being played comprises the “Going Home” cue, I don’t know for sure, so I’m including both titles in my choice.

Excerpt from “Book talks to 10-C/Going Home” by Jeff Russo

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