Nov. 23: Sickbay


“Resignation/Lazarus Returned/Pig’s Eye” by Gerald Fried

Back to the TOS well again today for what I often cite as my absolute favorite scene in Star Trek, which occurs in the season 2 episode “Amok Time.”

Following the conclusion of the kun-ut-kal-if-fee ritual on Vulcan, where it appears that he has killed Captain Kirk, Spock returns to Enterprise to tell Dr. McCoy that he intends to turn the ship over to Scotty and resign his commission. Little does he know, Kirk is right behind him, his “death” having been a ruse.

Spock’s reaction to finding out Kirk, his “captain and [his] friend” (and Nimoy’s performance) is absolutely wonderful as his emotional guard slips. He of course rights himself, and tries to explain away his outburst.

But, in one of his most iconic moments, McCoy isn’t buying what Spock is selling:

“Of course, Mr. Spock, your reaction was quite logical…in a pig’s eye!”

Gerald Fried’s cue(s) perfectly captures the events on screen, from the surprise and elation from Spock—including a comical version of the bass guitar motif for Spock that Fried introduced in this episode—to McCoy’s final retort. Yet again an example of pitch-perfect scoring in TOS

“Resignation/Lazarus Returned/Pig’s Eye” by Gerald Fried

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